I saw this guy painting on TV during the Olympics a few days ago. He had six hours to do a painting, and I liked seeing how it progressed over the time that I watched. The painting is now up for auction on his website, to raise money for a sports program for people with disabilities. As of now it’s going for around $800, I think. That makes me happy, and I like seeing how a lot of the Canadian Olympic atheletes and people in BC support a lot of sports and other community programs that help a lot of kids (and others) out.

Anyway, I checked out his art and I thought he was pretty cool, and I also thought it was neat that an artist was being featured during what is pretty much the biggest sporting event ever. It was also the beginning of Chinese New Year, so they had a lot of fantastic dancing and things about it, and also something about a chocolate fountain, if I’m not mistaken… I digress, what I really wanted to say was that I was pleasantly surprised to find this painter in the last place I’d expect, and it made me realise that the Olympics are about a lot more than what I’d thought.

I really like his style of painting and the colours that he uses, and that even though there isn’t much variation in most of his subject matter, all of his paintings are lovely and different from the rest. I love the way he paints snow and clouds, and water. His shapes are really clean and he uses a lot of really great colours. Overall I like his paintings a lot, and there are a lot of really neat things in his gallery. Check him out!