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I get the feeling that this whole blog thing has been sort of abandoned, but I am sick and bored and can’t sleep so¬† here is a post.
I have been meaning to blog about this artist from the start, but somehow I never got around to it. Anyway, at long last, here is Shaun Tan. I’ve been a bit of a fan of his since I first read The Arrival a few years ago, and a few months ago I picked up another of his books, Tales from Outer Suburbia. The Arrival is a tale told entirely with pictures, all pencil on paper, while Tales is a book of stories complimented with illustrations in various media. His art is captivating, emotional, sometimes whimsical and surreal, and always beautifully done.


I first came across this quite a while ago and was immediately taken with the concept. The Arrival begins as the wordless story of a man who parts with his family to venture into a forgein country in hope of a better life, but later becomes a collection of the stories of those who have been displaced from their homes. It is masterfully told through page after page of beautiful pencil drawings that perfectly convey the meaning of the story.


The stories in this book deal with many subjects, all told in a quiet an unassuming way that makes them seem nearly common and familiar, as if all of the houses on your street might actually have missles in their gardens. Reading them now I find it almost unsettling, though not all of the stories in the book have a dark side to them. The art that goes with them is just as simple but striking, and once again Tan is able to capture the right emotion in his work.

Here is his website. Perhaps I will bring the books in once school begins, if anyone is interested.